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Barndoor Jig (Rakes of Kildare): for flexi ensemble (junior, mixed levels)

Barndoor Jig, also known as Rakes of Kildare, is a traditional Irish folk tune in 6/8. This lively arrangement by Dindy Vaughan for junior players is in the key of A minor.



The tune (Part A), which rockets along, is suitable for more experienced junior players or a teacher. Parts B, C, and D, while simpler, provide a steady accompaniment which is satisfying to play.Included also is an optional keyboard part which supports the harmony voices. Barndoor Jig (Rakes of Kildare) certainly is a fun addition to your repertoire. The piece can also be performed twice in a row to increase duration. Perhaps you even have some Irish dancers at your school to dance along to the jig!
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Number of Pages: 15

Number of Parts: 4 (minimum) with 1 more optional part

Instrumentation: (your choice of instrument/s per part)

Part A – Violin, Flute, Clarinet in B♭

Part B – Violin, Viola, Flute, Clarinet in B♭

Part C – Violin, Viola, Clarinet in B♭

Part D – Cello, Keyboard, Bass Clarinet in B♭

Keyboard (optional)

How to use: This work for junior players is suitable for a quartet, chamber group, or small orchestra using any combination of any number of the instruments listed above. Barndoor Jig (Rakes of Kildare) is in four parts with an optional keyboard part; there are in general at least two different ability level options for each possible instrument. All you need to do is assign parts to the players in your ensemble while ensuring you have a satisfactory balance and blend of instruments. Some examples of instrument combinations include:

  • Part A Violin(s) and Flute(s); Part B Violin(s) and Clarinet(s) in B♭; Part C Viola(s), Violin(s) and Clarinet(s) in B♭; Part D Cello(s); Keyboard.
  • Part A Flute(s) and Clarinet(s) in B♭; Part B Flute(s) and Clarinet(s) in B♭; Part C Clarinet(s) in B♭ and Viola; Part D Bass Clarinet(s) in B♭ and/or Keyboard(s).
  • Part A Violin; Part B Clarinet in B♭; Part C Violin; Part D Cello; Keyboard.
  • String Quartet or Clarinet Quartet plus optional additional instruments.

But these are only some of the many options! The Flexible Ensemble Series gives you the opportunity to mix and match parts to suit the young musicians in your ensemble.

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<2 minutes

Base Instrumentation

Can be played by strings only, Can be played by strings plus other instruments, Can be played by winds only, Can be played by winds plus other instruments

Number of Parts

4 part


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