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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

By browsing our website and using our services, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use.

Using the website

You may register an account with Australian Autumn Music on the website, using an email address and a password. You must ensure that the email address with which you register is one that you have access to and that your password remains confidential. You must contact Australian Autumn Music immediately if the security of your account has been compromised.

Although we strive to ensure effortless use of this website, Australian Autumn Music cannot guarantee that the website will always operate smoothly and error-free, nor can it guarantee there will be no bugs or viruses present on the servers tha­­t host the website. It is your responsibility to ensure your devices are protected against any threat of bugs and viruses.

Copyright of website content

All scores on the Australian Autumn Music are protected by copyright law. Australian Autumn Music has put measures into place to protect composers’, authors’, and arrangers’ copyright so they may receive their due income for their work. It is an infringement to copy, reverse-engineer, or reproduce in any way the content on the website. It is an infringement to sell, resell or exploit any of our content contained within the website. You must not attempt to discover source code within the website or alter the website in any way. You must not use our logo without written consent.

Use of scores

When you purchase and download a digital score from Australian Autumn Music, it is only for your use and for use within your organisation. Whether in digital or hard-copy format, you may only distribute scores and parts within your organisation, not to any third party (for instance another ensemble leader, school, or ensemble). Any distribution to a third party would infringe on the copyright of the publication, its composer/s, author/s and/or arranger/s.

Refunds and replacements

Due in part to the widespread prevalence of copying music and file-sharing, Australian Autumn Music does not offer refunds. Please look closely at the full sample scores provided on product pages and listen to the accompanying sample audio files so you can make informed purchases. In the case that an item is paid for but not received or is received with errors or in a corrupted file, we will ensure it is then amended and correctly sent to you within 14 days of purchase.


In addition to offering payment via PayPal (including guest checkout), customers may request a manual invoice from Australian Autumn Music. You must provide correct information for us to issue you an invoice, including your full name and at least one form of contact. It is your responsibility to ensure payment is made within two weeks of invoicing (the due date will be specified on the invoice). We may utilise third-party debt collection services or other collection mechanisms if necessary to recover funds owed to us due to overdue accounts.

Third Parties

You are bound by the terms and conditions of PayPal when using it on our website to complete purchases. Unless you are paying with a direct transfer after we manually invoice you, you will be using PayPal to checkout on our online store.

Any problem or dispute with PayPal in the process of our online store checkout which is not the result of errors by Australian Autumn Music is not the responsibility of Australian Autumn Music and we will not be held liable for any kind/s of damages arising from this, whether actual or consequential, known or unknown. It is your responsibility to liaise with PayPal to ensure payments can be transacted through your PayPal Account.

Links to other websites

Australian Autumn Music’s website contains links to websites outside of the control of Australian Autumn Music. Australian Autumn Music takes no responsibility for the conduct of these websites, nor their content or software.

Limitations of Liability

Australian Autumn Music is not liable to any person for damages or losses resulting from using our website and/or services, to the degree that it is protected by law. We are not liable for indirect, incidental, special, or consequential losses whether in profits or goods and services unless these losses are a result of intentional unlawful conduct on the part of Australian Autumn Music.

Website alterations

Australian Autumn Music may alter, update, and add to or remove content from our website at any time.

Disclaimer Notice

Australian Autumn Music aims to ensure that all information on its site is accurate and complete, however, we make no guarantees or warranties that this will be the case in every instance, one hundred percent of the time. Australian Autumn Music’s Terms & Conditions may be updated at any time.