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2022: The launch of Australian Autumn Music

January 18, 2023

Australian Autumn Music launched in April 2022 with a mission to have contemporary Australian composers better represented among the repertoire played and performed in Australian schools and youth/community ensembles. A part of that mission involves improving access among educators and ensemble directors to quality contemporary music that suits the needs of the ensemble and assists in the development of individual students’ musicianship. In our launch year, we proudly published works by three composers with expertise in writing music for children’s performance.

Dindy Vaughan

Dindy Vaughan

Dindy Vaughan OAM is an Australian composer, environmentalist and educator living in Melbourne. While much of her music is for professional musicians, including choral, orchestral, chamber, keyboard and vocal works, she has composed and arranged widely for children’s performance. Her music has been enjoyed by performers in Australia and overseas for decades. Dindy is a graduate BA(Hons) of Sydney University and MA of Flinders University. In 1996 she received the University of Sydney Alumni Award for Achievement in Community Service and in 2021 she received a Medal of the Order of Australia for her service to the Arts.

Jim Coyle

headshot coyle

Dr Jim Coyle is a lecturer at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where he works in the Music Education Division. He is also a constant composer and more rarely a conductor. Much of Jim’s music making is with community groups, and with teenagers and children. He is in demand as a leader of professional development for music teachers and as a mentor to young composers. Jim holds degrees from the Universities of London and Sydney and is involved in school and community music-making through New South Wales and beyond.

Davide Remigio

Davide Remigio

Davide Remigio is an Australian composer from Melbourne who lives in Italy. He is the founder of quaternary music, a particular musical language based on four notes, selected by the composer in order to write music. He devotes particular attention to composing for music education and to music performed by amateur musicians. He believes that music is a universal language that must be understood and performed by many people at various levels, noting that the composer plays an integral role in the musical education of individuals. Davide’s music has been widely performed and recorded, and his music has been heard at various international festivals in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Flexible Ensemble Series

Many of our published works are categorised under Flexible Ensemble Series, meaning they are suitable for a variety of instrument combinations and in many cases, for a variable number of parts and/or players. This means that ensemble directors will have a wide variety of scores to choose from that will suit their ensemble. At the front of each Flexible Ensemble Score is a guide on how to assign the parts to players for that piece.

Music for Mixed Abilities

Many of our published pieces also have instrumental parts written especially for a range of technical levels. This is so as to suit the diverse levels of musicianship often found in a school or community ensemble. However, this does not mean that the easier parts are less interesting or less important. Good writing for children’s music not only enables each player to feel that their contribution matters, it also aims to inspire and challenge each performer to improve their musicianship and grow their connection to the wider world.

Themes and categories of our music

The extramusical ideas our composers explore have been categorised under History, Folk, Natural Environment, Place and Seasons, highlighting the music’s relevance to the lives of Australian children. We find that these thematic categories are useful for music leaders looking to select scores that complement their teaching program. Not all of our publications have overt themes, however, and many of our pieces concentrate on specific styles of music or innovative composition techniques, allowing for young musicians to be exposed to a range of musical languages. Other categories you will find our music in are Arrangements, Original Compositions, Flexible Ensemble Series, and Music for Mixed Abilities. 

Search function

Australian Autumn Music makes it easy to find suitable music from our score catalogue. Visit our shop to have a browse, or click on the magnifying glass located in the menu to search keywords such as title of works, composers, or instruments. 

For a more advanced search which helps you to locate music that is suitable for your ensemble, click on the SEARCH PRODUCTS button on the menu bar and follow the instructions to select a category, base instrumentation, duration and number of parts. As our catalogue expands, this search function will become more and more useful to find music that will be a smash hit with your ensemble members and audience!

Who are we?

Holly Caldwell BA BMus GradCertRes MMus and Gene Holland BMus (hons) GradDipEd are the duo behind AAM. In our combined 20+ years working in the music community, we have worked on many projects in which music by Australian composers was performed by a variety of school and community ensembles. We advocate for the connection between contemporary Australian composers and young musicians in an effort to improve both music education standards and professional opportunities for living composers. More broadly, we aim to promote intergenerational music-making to help create resilient communities.

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